ISO support, MQA for Tidal and what drive is playing

Here is a list of nice inprovemt s.
One is iso support it’s real simple and it sounds better if played as an iso. Once it’s started we can poickntje tracks we want.

Next is the drive source that is playing.
I have many drives and while seeing doubles or triples is fine I do have a need to know what drive it is
The root directory name is fine if it can be added

Lastly tidal mqa. What ever you guys are doing it’s not a full unfold even if the dac is mqa ready also
Tidal desk top apps does two unfolds roon does not. Will this be fixed in the future as in this century ? It’s been almost a year of talking about these topics
Also on tidal it seems the desktop app finds many more albums for each artist :man_singer:
Lastly I love roon and while it’s sound is not the best it’s playback , organization and over all great features is great.

Here’s a really long feature Request topic:

Danny’s post is quite pertinent:

If you click the file info icon, it will display the files path.

MQA Unfolding
It is on the roadmap, no release time frame has been given.


Thanks for such a quick reply
The file path is cool and all I need. My reason for needing is to check how varous drives sound on my system.
The mqa is a big one but as I love roon it’s not in anyway a deal breaker as I can use hq player to upsample tidal if I want too.
Also you cannot see the mqa master albums they look the same on my screen. But when I play them I see it’s a higher resolution.
Your filters and dsp choices are cool too
. More would be nicer. Try hq player as an example it’s where you want to be in choices and quality.
Upsampling as well is good but hq does best you a bit.
Your sound is above j River and foobar by a margin

Your GUI is amazing overall once you get it.
Again I thank you for the reply

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