ISP Modem/Router Bridge Mode Comments

Hi, just a general question.
Do people find that switching their supplied modem/router, (in my case a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2), to bridge mode to enable use of another router, (in my case the Orbi RBR850), caused network/internet problems initially?

Was the work around simple for non-network tech types, like me, or is it usually a very easy, no fuss procedure?


I did this recently (with different gear) and it was a breeze. Plug and Play.
My network is far more robust now than when using the ISP router.
Of course, different hardware may give different results.

Thanks Jeff.I recently heard on an other thread they lost all internet when changing over and it was a bit of a challenge to rectify…and they were tech savvy.

If you rely on VOIP - local telephone line then I think you might need the telstra one still…otherwise there might be more info on local isp forums like whirlpool IIRC

No need for Voip.Thankfully.

Ended up connecting Orbi directly to NBN Gateway,(removing the ISP’s Modem/router from chain). Works brilliantly and Roon Arc connected immediately, whereas before wasn’t connecting. I’m happy.

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