Israeli radio stations

Hi there I cannot find any Israeli radio station. Can you add them?

I would suggest you identify the station(s) you would like added. Then post the request.

Welcome to the forum.

Galei Zahal had been half set up but didn’t have a stream.
I’ve now added one.

However, I’d like some help on the other partially set up one,

If I go to their web site, I’m lost as to which channel to add. If you can point me to the right one, I can do the rest.

And as @rrwwss52 says, just let us know which other ones you have in mind.

EDIT. @Haim_Sheffer1 Took a guess at one. Let me know if it’s OK

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Wow, such quick and helpful response. thanks a lot :slight_smile:
The 2 stations are working!

The list of other favorite stations in Israel are:
Eco 99 - 99.0 fm
GLGLZ - 91.8 fm
KAN 88 - 88.0 fm
KAN Gimmel - 97.8 fm
KAN KOL Hamusica - 91.3 FM
Radio 103FM - 103.0 FM
Radio 100 - 100.0 FM
again thank you very much

Well, I’ve had a go, but would appreciate you checking these please as Hebrew is a bit difficult for me.

This works great :slight_smile:
Really appreciated

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Sort of an odd statement, as I’ve been listening to Galei Zahal via Roon every morning since the inception of the new radio setup months ago. Also sometimes KAN BET.

Was this using my live radio? The stations in the live radio database didn’t have a stream.

Well, I’m pretty sure my iPad is setup to open to Live Radio and not “My Live Radio”, because I’m too lazy to scroll down to “My Live Radio” first thing in the morning. Galei Zahal appears there (Live Radio) and I open it in the morning to hear the news. I’m pretty sure I’m the editor who added Galei Zahal to the database when it was being setup. It’s always worked for me. Maybe I’m missing something - is there any connection between a station that appears in “Live Radio” and “My Live Radio”, or are they totally separate listings?

BTW, I just went in and loaded a bunch of the Israeli stations you apparently added, everything I saw worked and looked fine.

If those stations were/are in your my live radio area, can you check if your stream for those stations agrees with the ones I have published now?,aac = live radio listing; it also appears in

“My Live Radio”. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve been using all along.
But I have a second listing in “My Live Radio”: my live radio
I wasn’t really aware this listing existed till I looked just know, as I’ve been using Live Radio, and not My Live.

that one also works

Add images

One of us is confused - it’s probably me.
Live Radio does not have the tunein link for Galei Zahal, it has that glz_mp3 link that you show and that I added a couple of days ago.

I don’t know how you see this in My live radio unless you’ve specifically added it?

I must have added it myself at some point and forgotten about it. But I still think I was using a link in “live radio” to the opml.radiotime link all along. Am I totally off base on this?

All I can think of, is that another curator unpublished the link at some point after you had added it to your library. Remember the OP said he saw no Israeli stations when he looked.

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