Issue with duplicate artists

I have noticed a few artists in my collection where Roon has multiple entries for the one artist. An example is Adalita, whom is an Australian solo artist. I have two albums for her, and although I have the same spelling, she has two separate artist entries in Roon. One has her as an individual, which is correct, and the other as a group, which is wrong. I have tried making all details the same, however they won’t combine. Is there a way to do this?
I’m loving the additional metadata edit features in 1.1, so keep up the good work.


I’m having similar issues.

Is there any way I can get to having just one “Blind Boys of Alabama”.
I realise the issue is most likely due to my original tagging but I cannot figure out how to merge these in Roon.



Are their albums all identified?

yes there are 3 albums they are on, a Speciality Gospel 2 for 1, a Speciality sampler (compilation) and Spirit of the Century on Read Word Records each using an one of the iterations above.



I’ve discovered that I have the same issue with at least one artist in my collection.

I have five albums by the pianist Wibi Soerjadi. According to Roon, there are two artists with this name; one of them has two albums to his name, the other has three.

Searching on “Wibi” shows the two artist entries, and amalgamates the albums:

Searching on “Wibi Soerjadi” just finds the one artist, BUT displays all five albums:

All tracks on all five albums have exactly the same entry for “Album artist” metadata.

I’m confused…

When you reidentify your albums for that artist, do any of the albums show the artist name twice seperated with a / character?

No. In fact, Roon only matches one album (A Touch of Romance), and it has two entries for that album. the only difference being the album title (one includes the subtitle). The others are using file metadata.

I see the issue here, and just checked in a fix. It may take up to two weeks to go live on our server, at which point you may need to select all the artists albums, click Edit, and select Re-Identify.

If you’re not seeing this looking better then, let me know @Geoff_Coupe!

Great, thanks for this. I’ll check it in a couple of weeks…