Issue with KQED Live Stream playback stopping after 6 seconds (ref#M5LUY9)

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KQED Live Stream stops after 6 seconds of playback.

Describe your network setup

Roon Core on Mac Mini (ethernet)

I’ve moved this post to Live Radio thread where @BrianW a volunteer who moderates the radio stations can take a look. If it is not an issue with the station, we can move it back to support.


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I’m sorry @Anil_Panigrahi , but Roon cannot deal with the HLS stream the station is using. The stream is sent in 6 second chunks and Roon is not correctly moving from one chunk to the next.

This is an old problem but one that Roon usually deals with ok now, however not with this stream,

I have endeavoured to find alternative streams but can only find a low rate mono MP3 stream.

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