Issue with playing FLAC 24bit/192kHz particular album

This is Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson by Verve Reissues. It sounds seamlessly through minimserver and JRiver. But stops and makes noise through ROON.

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Hello Sergey

I can’t really help you with a solution, but I can tell you that I just downloaded the file from your Dropbox, put it into my system and it played perfectly via Roon on my NUC via Devialet AIR and into my lounge.

I also have to say that it was an amazing sound. So, there is nothing wrong with your file, which means there must be a local issue with your Roon installation or other hardware, I guess. I hope you get it sorted, anyway.


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I had the same problem playing back 24 Bit on my Samsung S6. I set playback to 16 Bit and then everything worked.

Threw me a curve at first because I was new to Roon and was listening to it no problem on my PC and later moved over to my phone and some songs would play and some would not.

Figured it out that it was the 24 Bit setting for playback. My phone plays 24 Bit just fine but not thru Roon.

That happens from time to time with many tracks. It looks like ROON can not use buffer as minimserver does. Music interrupts and stops on ROON, but never on minimserver with BubbleUPnP control. I read that SSD must be used for ROON. But my NAS (1813+) easily can transfer up to 100 MB/s, any kind of music even DSD demands not more than 3-5 MB/s. Is it software problem?

Hi Sergey

Roon needs SSD to store the Roon database, but this is separate to the actual music files. They are fine on the HDD or NAS. I think you have a local network problem!

I store all my music on NAS, and using Roon I can simultaneously stream different HD content to multiple devices without any problem.


I think Your NAS my not be ideal for Roon. This can lead to the kind of drops outs you are experiencing. See these knowledge base topics.

Roon does more than many other players with it database of metadata no requires more from your hardware and network.

Roon is doing a significant amount of buffering already. See this.

I connected NAS and DirectStream both directly to the main DHCP router (Apple) not to the switch (Cisco). No one dropout or stop even with high load of the NAS. It means that problem was with the network. But ROON remains more demanding to network quality than minimserver.

Thanks to all for the help!

The issue I was having turned out to be a Roon software defect that was corrected in a recent release.

I found more about my NAS. That was the real reason. After download (20-30% of CPU) Synology starts to mirror files with my office NAS and this activity uses 70-90% of CPU. Drops gone after schedule was added. Now Cloud Server starts at late night and finished in a couple hours.