Issue with regularly drop outs using QNAP TVS-471

Hi all,

I’m having issues with regularly drop outs (around 1sec) using my QNAP TVS-471 as roon server.

My system:

running roon server 1.4 (build 294) on an internal SSD 120GB
3 HDDs in RAID-5 handling my music libary of around 4500 albums
My CPU and RAM usage is quite low (~12% average / RAM 1.57GB free of 4GB)
All connections are wired except my roon remote control via mobile or laptop.

I already reduced the audio analysis in roon to minimum speed with no success.

The drop outs occur irregularly, usually in the middle. There is no relation to a source, I’m having drop outs on music libary, TIDAL, internet radio…

Maybe someone can help…


Can you describe your network setup more detailed?
Things of interest are if there what kind of switches are in use. Is LAN over power adapters (like devolo) used, and what the network configuration on your QNAP is like (link aggregation, jumbo frames…).

Hello Christopher,

my QNAP is directly connected via LAN to my cable modem (ISP device which has 4 LAN Ports), this is my standard gateway. Behind this I’m running a Netgear R7000 router as an additional AP.

I’m using the Airplay function of my Marantz AV7703 Pre/Pro for streaming with roon. I have connected the Marantz AV also directly to the ISP device so there is no other subnet in use…

All devices (QNAP, Netgear, Marantz) do have static ip addresses. My network do not have further switches or use of LAN over power adapters. All devices with LAN connection are directly connected to the cable modem respectively to the Netgear router.

I’m not sure where to find the information regarding my network configuration on my QNAP (link aggregation, jumbo frames…). If you tell me where to look I will add them later…


I solved the issue:

The issue was related to streaming via Airplay over the Marantz AV.

I now use my Oppo 203 (roon ready) for streaming and do not have drop outs anymore. Tested all sources, erverything works fine…

Maybe the issue occurs cause the Marantz AV itself is not a roon ready device.

Good to hear you found a solution (even though it is more like a workaround…).

Which device did the ISP give you (e.g. AVM Fritzbox xxxx) ?

If you’d still like to investigate your original issue, I’d try the following:

Most routers that are given by ISP are not the best devices to manage your network. So if possible, I’d try to use your router that is given by your ISP only as a modem and create the network by your Netgear device, instead of using it as an access point. This will only work if you can configure your ISP router to act as a modem or to setup a DMZ (=Demilitarized Zone).
But this also has the downside of not being able to use the ISP router’s wifi and the other ethernet ports. In that scenario you only connect one device to it: The Netgear R7000.

The Netgear will be setup as a router and will assign IP addresses.

You can save your config files in the administration of each device, if you’d like to test this, to go back to the current state later.

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