Issues with import of multi-disc sets & with genres

Hi everyone
I just started using Roon as an alternative to iTunes to catalog the collection of music files and build on this basis a network playback system.

But I’ve met with 2 problems:

  1. I’ve read recommendation about multi-disc sets & box-sets:

"One thing that likely won’t work is having all the discs of a box set separated into album-level directories, like this: Music / Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection CD1 / 01-01 Track.flac 01-02 Track .flac Don’t do that! "

From my point of view, it’s very funny recommendation, because some users have big collections, which was created by years & by this way. I don’t understand why is not possible to give such possibility in Roon? Moreover some box-sets have a lot of discs (10-30) & it is not so comfortable to manage so many songs as a “one album” (neither in storage nor in Roon).

  1. I’ve disabled the option “use genres from the Roon database” in the import settings, because I used my own cataloging system in iTunes and I do not want to refuse it.

However, Roon additionally uploads tags of genres and subgenres to my files, which leads to a mess in the visualization of the library.

In my opinion, if the user disables the use of any information from the database of Roon (genres, artist names, album names - for example, the indication in the «tag-name of albums» “CD1”, “CD2” and so on) - the Roon should not change anything in the systematization and visualization of the library.
Otherwise, the transition of users, who are used to their cathologization system will be difficult.



They are not sayiing here that you cannot have each CD of a boxset in a separate folder, only that each of these folders should be within the same parent folder representing the boxset. Otherwise it is more difficult for Roon to know that Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection CD1 and Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection CD2 are part of the same boxset rather than from two completely different albums

If you go to Settings - Library - Import Settings, you can change how Roon works with Genres

Thank You,
I did, but it does not work: i see genres not from the tags of my files

Thank You!

Unfortunately, this approach still leads to the fact that in the tags of the album name is removed “CD” and all that comes after.
This leads to the fact that the box-set looks like an one album with a single name, and below you can choose discs 1,2, 3 and so on.
Numerous modern box-sets and deluxe editions have additional names in the separates discs.
For example:
CD1 - Original Remastered Album
CD2 - Demos
CD3 - Live Concert 1977

and now (in Roon) I don’t see this information on each disc of the box set, although I previously carefully wrote it in tags when I converted CD-box-sets to digital format.

Text after the CD1 - Original… Causes Roon to think its an album in its own right and splits it out as such

If you have a “Master Folder” and then a sub folder for each CD labelled as CD01 – CD99 (ie no text after the CD05 etc)it will group the box as a Box and may even ID it

Roon doesn’t handle Box Sets too well , even if they are grouped you will only see the Little hyperlinks with no hint at contents

Its a long standing Feature Request especially in the Jazz & Classical fraternity

If the box is a collection of previously released individual albums , its often better to keep these split out as albums , you can find stuff more easily

if you 30 is a lot try Mozart 255

Wow! 255 of Mozart!

Thank you!

Hope that Roon will improve this part of its soft soon, 'cause I don’t want to remake all my folders after migration from iTunes.

Its been a request for quite a while , I maintain my really big boxes in duplicate in JRiver where I can manually manage individual discs by name with separate art work

Judging from what I have seen I wouldn’t hold your breath :nerd_face: