Issues with Naim NDX/nDAC and Sonore UPnP Bridge [Resolved]

For the past couple of months I have been happily using both a MicroRendu and the UPnP Bridge with my Naim systems. The MicroRendu is attached to a Naim DAC V-1 on the basement system and I have been using the UPnP Bridge to drive the Naim NDX/nDAC on the living room system.

This morning I updated the firmware on both DAC’s so that they can play DSD files. Those updates were fine from a Naim perspective and both systems are playing DSD. Similarly, the basement system is working perfectly with Roon and again DSD is being played .

HOWEVER, whilst Roon still recognizes the system in the Living Room the play button is greyed out and I cant play anything. I have tried changing every option I can but to no avail. All ideas and input gratefully received

After a lot of wasted time it suddenly occurred to me to try and transfer from one of my working zones to Living Room and it worked and all now working fine .