Issues with NAS (SMB1)

Two weeks trial is too short. I can’t get Roon to work with my Synology NAS and Bryston BDP-1 without stuttering and hickup’s. Tidal seems to work ok. I also have problems setting up the connection to Bryston’s BDP-1. Once i get it going it’s fairly ok (except for the hickups). But sometimes in blocks for no reason and I did not find an easy way to get it going again.
At the moment I have a feeling the Synology NAS is the reason for the hickups. I think Roon doesn’t handle the NAS connection very well.
At the end of this week my trial ends and I like Roon very much, but I’m not willing to pay for listening to broken audio tracks. At this moment it gives me too much an beta-release-feeling, not something you would want to pay for. Is there any way to get a longer trial periode? Roon has enotmous potential, stability and reliability are not there yet.
By the way, I also have the broken audio when I listen to Roon on the desktop which it is running on. (W10, i7)

Hi WimJ,

The situation you are describing for me looks like problems in your network and/or the connected hardware, but for sure it’s not a problem that Roon creates.

I would recommend to first try Roon core on your PC with the PC internal or direct connected speakers, with a watched folder on your PC hard drive as well (NO network hardware in the chain). You will find out that Roon runs very accurate. Go from there and add your network connected hardware step by step. This will let you find the real problem.

Good luck!

Network issues were also my first idea,… But I can play and stream audio and video with all other programs ( mpd, itunes, squeezeserver,…) without any problem. I can’t imagine Roon is using that many network resources for just playing an audiofile.
Are there any settings on router-level I need to check (open up ports?)

If I’m correct I can install a second PC as Roon core, as long as I don’t use them simultaniously?
I also have a second Synology (much older) that contains a backup of all my music files. I will also try that!

My network has managed NetGear switches and a Cisco Router, wireless equipment is from Unify,

HI @WimJ – sorry to hear you’re having some issues with the Synology. I agree with @NOA that this is likely to be a networking issue of some sort.

We’ve seen a few users using other brands of NAS drives have some occasional issues with dropouts, and we’ve added some additional buffering, which is coming in our 1.1 release and should help audio playback continued uninterrupted, even in cases where the network or NAS can’t keep up. That will be released soon, but to be clear, we’ve seen almost no issues with playback from Synology NAS drives, so there’s almost certainly something else going on here.

I think it’s definitely worth simplifying your network and seeing if the issue improves, but first, I would recommend checking the Synology web interface, and looking under Control Panel. On the File Services tab, under Windows File Service, can you click Advanced Settings and let me know what your max protocol is set to? I would recommend at least SMB2.

You can try this, or run a second PC as a remote, but again my guess here would be networking, so I would look into simplifying there first – we’ve seen issues traced to bad cables and failing switches, so your best bet after the SMB setting I mentioned is going to be simplifying the network, adding pieces back in, and seeing where the dropouts start.

Let’s get playback stable for you first, then we can make sure you get a full 2 weeks to try Roon. Try some of the steps above, let me know how it goes, and once you’re stable, we’ll absolutely make sure you get the full 14 days. Appreciate your patience @WimJ!

Hi guys,
I highly appreciate your swift feedback and ideas to try and solve the problems I experience.
Meanwhile I pointed the Roon software to my backup Synology (DS508) as a music storage. Files seem to play ok now on my desktop speakers and without interruptions. My actual music-server Synology (DS712) on which my initial has SMB1 as max protocol. I changed it to the highest setting SMB3. The older synology (running continuously for 8 years now) has no advanced settings under windows file service, so I can’t check the SMB setting on that one. I’ll revert to the younger Synology ( now set to SMB3) as soon as I finished testing. Hopefully the SMB setting solves at least part of this issue

@NOA ,@mike My older synology plays the files just fine. The newer Synology has hickup, interruptions and … SMB setting does not matter, it’s just not listenable. Both Synologys are connected to the same Netgear-switch.
I can’t compare settings directly between the Synolgys because the older model is no longer supported by Synology and is on an older firm- and software release.

Hi WimJ,

I’m no deeper expert in this, I only can tell you that I have a Synolgy DS1815+ and it works just fine. Have no glue why the newer ones should be worse than the older ones. Maybe worth to try checking cables, switching lan ports. If you want to we can exchange setup parameters to see if there is any difference.


I would be very surprised to find something wrong with my ethernetcable or switch. I do record (and play) multiple full HD satellite streams simultanuously to/from this synology DS712+ and that works just fine. But I’m very willing to compare settings,… it’s just,… where do we start?

Also importing the audio files is much slower on my DS712+, my older DS508 is MUCH faster.

Let’s start with Control Panel -> File Services -> Windows File Service -> Advanced settings:

Make sure youhave enabled SMB3 already.
Transport encryption mode: Auto
All other boxes unchecked.

Same at your NAS?

Well, my guess is that the older one has a better cpu, a modified power pc chip optimized for high speed i/o as compared to the new one which has a mono core Intel atom. Just from quickly reading the specs.

We’ve seen very few issues with both Synology and QNAP NAS drives, and the DS508 is comparatively ancient. I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is related the NAS being less powerful.

I would strongly lean towards some other distinction – either the cable, the switch on the port, failing hard drive, a setting on 712+, etc. I would look over your network setup and the settings mentioned above, and if you’re still having issues we can take a deeper look.

Let us know how it’s going @WimJ!

In addition I would try to check if there is any transcoding option enabled in the DMA compatibility in Media Server, it should not, and secondly Control Panel -> Media Indexing and check on last tab whether your NAS runs indexing for your shared music folder. Mine does.

If it’s correct that you are streaming video files with no issues then network issues like cables seem not most likely to me, rather setup issues with the NAS. However worth to give it a try for sure.

@NOA I had SMB3 enabled already, but I had two checked boxes( the first two. Opp locking and Local Master browser)).
I will check later if this helps.

@NOA media indexing is running for my shared music folder.

Don’t forget to check transcode in DMA compatibility (although I think that’s not the point as this is more related to streaming and IMHO Roon does not stream the files in this meaning), and what I forgot just under SMB3:

Transport encryption mode: When SMB 3 is enabled, Windows File Service will add transport encryption to strengthen file transmission security.
Disable: No transport encryption will be applied.
Auto: Transport encryption will only be applied to clients supporting this feature.
Force: Transport encryption will always be applied. This will cause clients that do not support transport encryption to be unable to use Windows File Service.

Try Disable first and if that works try Auto. I have Auto.


Transport encryption is supported on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and later.
Anonymous logon for Windows File Service is not supported when transport encryption is enabled.
When transport encryption is enabled, please leave Disable Opportunistic Locking unchecked to avoid application timeouts.

Let us now how it’s going.

Hi WimJ,

Wondering whether you have fixed your problems already…

@NOA I have tried everything except for the transport encryption which is still on ‘auto’ and nothing seems to help. When I switch to my ds712+ synology I have interuptions, hickups and other things I don’t like. On my ds508 everything works like it should. I have some IT knowledge but I don’t understand why Roon is the only application that gives me this kind of problems on the ds712+. As said before, I can stream multiple HD-video stream to and from the ds712+ without any issues; But Rroon is giving me hickups. Maybe some hardware issue ( processor power , memory,…) but if hd video streams work I can’t think of any reason for audio streams no to work.

This is strange indeed. What you could try is to stop running packages one after the other to see if there is any package interfering.