Issues with Qobuz and own library after upgrade Roon Server on ROCK


After upgrade can’y play any music from Qobuz and my own library
ROON 1.7 ( build 610) OS version 1.0 build 227
I running latest ROCK software on INTEL NUC Kit NUC8i3BEH
Audio Bluesound node 2 version 3.10.3 , RAAT SDK version 1.1.36

Only live radio is working
When start Roon server from my MACBook everything works fine
Please help

Regard Richard Chrispijn

Did you restore a database backup from the Mac to the ROCK?

no , I did an upgrade , this was not working, After this I did a clean install
same problem

Well, show us your Storage settings and Services setting! (Please mask usernames etc)

It seems 211 tracks has been imported, do they show under Albums?

Yes they do, some them are working some not , something faults at loading( see screenshot)
A bigger problem is the Qobuz is not working at all , also problem/ fault with loading
below its vertical scrolling from left to right and back

it seems after took a trial account with tidal is working
so the problem is the connection to Qobuz

I see a couple of things that might be related;
You have a very strange gateway assigned by DHCP in the ROCK GUI, could you describe how your Mac and your RoCK is connected to your network? And the Bluesound also, please?