Issues with Roon that stop me buying

I was told that Roon was written by the same people who wrote meridian sooloos.
I am disappointed as I was hoping that it would be evolved and do more than just stream to local endpoints

I was hoping a: I could rip music 24/96 or 24/192 in stereo and 5.1 / 7.1 from DVD Audio Blurry Audio disk
b: I can stream any what from my iPhone on internet ( this is not difficult point to dns record and connect via port upnp on router or manual port forward look at plex and emby)
c: can’t import 3rd party mods
d: I was never bothered about connecting to internet radio however its not a friendly interface (again look at Plex)

PLEASE PLEASE ALLOW monthly subscription £10 a month would entice far more users bringing in more revenue than yearly or lifetime

I have a coupe of Sources with film due to load balancing video in 4k in my home Notice I can’t do this with Roon, as I don’t want my kids crap noise for music mixing with Pink Floyd Led Zep etc. my kids have there own server with there stuff on and I have my server with my stuff and would be good if I could get extra sources (look at emby licence couple of sources with 15 endpoints)

How much is open source ? and why is there not a free or freemium version
Allow with letting 3rd party devs far more expansion of your product.

My Setup is Dell VRTX with 4 blades running VMware 6.5 enterprise
VMs ALL LINUX ubuntu 18.4lts
DC = UCS with OXapp mail server
SAN = NAPP-IT box 12 x 4TB 10K SAS Drives Film & 9 8TB Drives 7200 NLS & 32 GIG ZFS Cache
Sophos UTM firewall so no uPnP

Primary Film System 24 cores, 64 Gig, 64TB Storage running Ubuntu & Plex
Secondry (Kids) 24 cores, 32 Gig 12 Tb Storage running Ubuntu Plex & Emby

My Music Core is meridian MC200 linked to Roon but currently emby as Plex is crap with music :frowning:

LOVE ROON Look and sound please if possible use some of those meridian Apodising filters

The biggest issue for me was CANT Connect from anywhere upset my wife as she liked the interface, and we all know that keeping the beloved other half happy is always good news



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Not sure why you’ve posted this in Support, but I’m sure a mod will move it to the Roon Software category.

A couple of your requests are on the roadmap - namely, support for mobile (in some form) and better internet radio.

The request for a ripping engine, I can understand but don’t agree with. There are better dedicated ripping solutions out there such as dBPoweramp. I’d rather Roon direct their resources towards their core competences rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

I’m not sure if you’ve looked into the Profiles functionality within Roon, or even if it fits the bill for you in terms of library separation but it may be worth further investigation.

I’m with you on the monthly sub option, I’ve argued for it before in other threads.

The issue with what you said is my kids stuff is on a separate IP address, with there own port forwarding and if they can F***** there stuff up with out messing with mine. As to the dbpower I use that now, however they wrote meridian sooloos solution which although slow is very accurate and reclocks, dejitters and adds anodising filters to the track so sounds better than the original cd.

I don’t want there stuff on my servers, also I like to play and mess with software hardware configs as my data is a smb share. So I always have a test build or mess about box which is for me why a couple of sources is good and I have a small box in my van for film I wanted to do this with Roon so when me and wife are traveling we can local wifi stream to camper stereo without data

Monthly Subs would bring far more money in Plex increased sales by 75% when it went from year and life to , month , year and life lot more beer money

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Their :slight_smile:

Nope. There is no timing information at all in a rip. They are completely unaffected by jitter or reclocking. Regarding accuracy, I’m pretty certain Sooloos didn’t have AccurateRip which checksums against other rips of the same disc, so it’s difficult to see how it coould be more accurate than dBP


I’m not sure what the Sooloos uses to rip, however I know the difference between a db power rip, Sooloos and a normal rip. db & Sooloos are good.

If Roon had a interface or 3rd party plus for dBPoweramp that looked Roon would be awesome, hence me saying it needs 3rd party mods.

No product can please everyone. I hope Roon is succesful as the interface is better than anything else I have seen.

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Its not about pleasing everyone, its simple things that equivalents do that would make this product the best

I think of it like this … Roon stands out in the crowd. In other words, it is intentionally different and does not seek to emulate other music players.

Adding ripping won’t make Roon a better player. I too use dBpoweramp (occasionally now) and I’m satisfied that you can’t improve upon an AccurateRip, so there is really little value in Roon reinventing the wheel.


Adding the ability for Roon to play directly from a CD or a USB drive would definitely be a plus for me.


I would like a plugin for Accuraterip or DBpower. and play from CD /DVD as Im rebuilding a meridian control 15

I really can’t see roon adding in a CD player function as their intention is to take everything to the cloud. More likely to add distributed cloud storage as an alternative to on premise libraries.

Roon’s architecture makes it difficult for things like USB stick or CD playback, since you could put the CD in the machine you are sitting at, but the Roon core is a different machine, and thus the CD or USB data would need to be copied over to the library in order to be played back.

Not that I think it should stay that way. Roon is dedicated to an easy user experience (genre management and album identification aside!) and thus they don’t want to confuse users by having the path to data be from the Core’s point of view, rather than from the remote interface devices point of view. I personally think it would be fine if they did it from the core’s POV. Then things like folder view would be easier to consider. But I do see the potential for users to be confused by this. There’s no one good answer once you have multiple machines combined together to make the product function.

you could make it to rip/play from the core sooloos rips from client machine


While personally, I don’t really care much for including a ripper, I can see that if they did have a very simple reliable hands-off ripper, then they could compete directly with the likes of Naim etc. These are not device that appeal to me at all, but I understand the attraction of them to many people.

When I mention Roon in other forums it seems of little interest to many home hifi people who quite happily spend 000s on some streamer with a hideous UI on which they cant find most of what they have.

By the time you mention NAS, raspberry PI, network multi-zone audio and a your choice of USB DAC they have usually run off screaming and that before you mention the annual/life sub cost.

But for techies who are not put off by the thought of hijacking a NAS and 10 minutes prepping a R-PI starter kit to plug into a good quality USB DAC, then Roon is an excellent system that I don’t think can be bettered especially when you add in some of the community extensions (which also scare some people off as well sadly).

For me personally, I want my home music available outside my home, whether that be some hack to make VPN work even on iOS (for enter IP address manually to avoid the need for discovery services) or something more fancy I don’t really care - be handy if it was available yesterday… :wink:


Roon can play direct from a USB drive of music files connected to the core. It can also play direct from a data CD or DVD of music files connected to the core. So what did you mean by that statement?

This is good to know.

I was unaware that you could play from a CD or USB from anywhere. My core is in another building and I never actually physically touch it.

My Roon use is from a Windows 7 PC and I cannot access a CD or a USB drive from where I use and listen to Roon.


It isn’t real time access. The contents have to be data, not a music CD and the data needs to be scanned and assimilated like a regular drive before it will play with all of the metadata and levelling information.

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Real time access is what I was originally referring to. At my station, it would be nice if I could pop in a CD, DVD or USB and play it through Roon directly from the drive.


UPDATE: If this were possible I could care less about any associated Meta info at this point. If I would want the Meta info, then a second click somewhere to activate this would be ok.

Never going to happen - the whole system is meta data driven. Scan the file, look up the file, amend the roon tables then allow play.

I also realize that this probably will never happen but omitting the data info would eliminate a lot of modification to Roon as so just to pass through audio processing through Roon.

Example would be that someone comes over with a USB or CD and all we want to do is have a sit down and enjoy a listen. At this point none of us is interested in any meta info. If meta info is of interest, then go through the normal process of placement in the eco system.