Issues with Roon / UPNP on Pi 4 with RopieeeXl 3.075

Hi there, I am having an issue with my Pi streamer using both Roon (1.8) and Mconnect (upnp) to minim server. It’s a Pi4 running RopieeXL 3.075.

I can access the Pi and setup using RopieeXL.Local and it is found as an endpoint in Roon as well as a UPNP renderer in Mconnect. In Roon, I am getting a “Roon lost control of the audio device” error resulting in playback starting then almost immediately stopping. With Mconnect playback starts then also will shortly stop, and the slider bounces back and forth around a second or two interval.

I have sent feedback in - b4e99c6b4624cb3a.

I had been using the streamer successfully prior to Roon 1.8, however I did have an issue with MQA files using an MQA certified dac. I am now using an RME Adi-2 FS. Given that this is the second issue I am havingis it possible that there is an issue with the Pi board itself?

Thanks, G