It is impossible to correctly package Roon for Linux

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Description Of Issue


I currently maintain the Roon server package for Nix/NixOS, one of many Linux distributions. In Nix, much like in other packaging systems, sources that get fetched to build packages (like Roon’s binaries) are verified with a hash, to ensure authenticity and validity.

Currently, however, Roon clobbers their .tar.bz2 release file with every update. Meaning every time a new version of Roon is released the hash changes and the package stops building. This is true not only for Nix but for any packaging system that bothers to check the source hashes. This, in practice, means that it’s currently impossible to package Roon for Linux. Every time there’s an upstream release all packages break and someone has to go and fix all the hashes and wait until it happens again.

I’d like to ask that the releases be made available in some way where their are not clobbered, for example by adding the version to the file name, and so that the availability of a new release does not immediately break existing packages.

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