It just worked! Why is this newsworthy?

Pretty sure my old man would look at it, grunt, and then just shove a few drops of superglue at it.

It’s pretty much his answer to everything.


There are only two problems, and two solutions:
High friction, things don’t move that should: WD40.
Low friction, things move that shouldn’t: duct tape.

(I realize that WD40 is an American brand, confusing to furriners. It is named thus because the first 39 formulas didn’t work.)


It wasn’t developed to be used as a lubricant, it was originally designed to protect the outer skin of the Atlas missile from rust and corrosion. The WD stands for water displacement.

I only know this because my father drilled it into my head through the my childhood while helping him install boilers. He’d spray everything with liquid wrench and I always asked him why he didn’t use wd40. It echos in my head, wd40 isn’t a lubricant and it isn’t for freeing parts, it’s only a protectant that does so by displacing water. :smiley:


And the main usage for it in England back in the day when Lucas, Prince of Darkness was prevalent for car electronics was to blast into the distributor cap, coil wires and coil to try and get the old clunker to start.
Nobody ever went anywhere without a can or two of WD-40 in the boot!

That and a 2x4 to whack the starter motor with…


Perhaps ROON is a massive success :slight_smile:

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Well - it showcases Roon’s strengths and at least personally, explains why I am here… as an skeptic, well, NOT sound quality… or as a classical “fan”, well, NOT library management… BUT the ease of setting up exactly that - I needed something to listen while working at my desktop, accessing both my current library AND Qobuz… and I was not satisfied with anything. Until I gave Roon a whirl… quickly not only did setup the desktop endpoint, also switched my main rig to be a Roon endpoint; then, with leftover equipment setup another endpoint for my nightstand… all EASY.
If all people talk is SQ or Library Management, then people like me, with my ideas, will be skeptical - BUT if you publicize how Roon’s architecture makes it so easy to setup things like what I did, or what the OP did… many will certainly at least consider it…

In fact I am in the middle of putting together a portable Roon, just in case there is a need to be in a hotel room for an extended period of time…


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What do 2X4’s measure in England? There sure as heck don’t measure an actual 2” x 4” here in the US. I know in England they would be measured in the Metric system, just wondered if they cheated the actual dimensions like they do in the US?

Back in the day I’m sure they were actually 2x4 but like the good old Mars bar they shrunk it little by little so we do not really notice unless we had an original to compare it to.
Buggered if I know now as been in the USA since 2000 but probably same as here at 1.75x 3.5 or close

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What’s strange is 1/2” is taken off up to 2x6 and 3/4” is taken off of above 2x8. But only in height.

Width is 1/2” less for all.


Yeah but it just doesn’t sound right does it?
I mean , for example, " I’m gonna smack you with a 2x4"
Or, " I’m gonna smack you with a 1.5x3.5"

Nope, just does not roll of the tongue :stuck_out_tongue:


I was told 2” x 4” is the dimensions of the raw plank, and then it is planed in a machine that cuts off some of the wood to make it smooth.
Smacking somebody with a raw unplaned plank would cruel and unusual, splinters and all that.


Well sue me!
:rofl: :rofl:

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It’s Q20 in South Africa, smells the same works the same

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It’s amazing how many obscure sizes exist in Metric , that are simply conversions of Imperial

2 x 4 = 50x 100 that’s an easy one .

When we metricated the brewery I worked in you get to learn one number

1 gallon (UK) = 4.45609 liters

1980 , I can still recite it off pat, it’s a bit like Pi to 16 places :face_with_monocle:

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A gallon of beer sounds much better than 4.45 litres to me. I wouldn’t remember either afterwards!


In the UK this was always the sawn size, so planed 2x4 is always smaller.

DIY outlets sell substandard timber that is smaller, but an independent merchant will supply (50x100)mm sawn which is near as 2x4.

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Yes, true. This is the merit of Roon’s predictive software engineers. Unfortunately, they have set a high barrier to surprises with this functioning commonplace platform. :wink:

but what do you think about 4.45 gallons of beer? :beers:

Hicup! …

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A 20 litre drum

Enjoy …