It‘s been a year... New release anytime soon?

Sonore Bridge has always worked fantastic for me to stream to my first version Unitiqute in the office. It hd a few teething problems in the early days (years ago) but is really solid now. Not sure where you’ve read it has issues. Get yourself the UpNp Bridge device, or a used microRendu (though the new 1.5 version is a bargain at $399). I’m a Naim fan but this is on Naim not Roon. Naim make great stuff, but their streaming hardware/software always seems a step behind, one reason I went with a DAC V1 and Sonore streamer in my may main setup.

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Hopefully bring a more unified UI instead of the sometimes seemingly tacked together by developers one we have now (that would be my guess).

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I just remember the last few releases…everyone so out of sorts with this and that and little love of all the good stuff. Lets try to be out with the bouquets too and not just the brick bats - A lot of work goes into this stuff with good intentions for the product and the user experience. 1.8 Will be no different intention.

1.8 Will no doubt also be setting the scene for 1.9 and more along the way so there is always going to be some setup now that we won’t see so soon under hood.

Of course Roon will always want constructive feedback from the user base - but give it some time to absorb the goodness and intended direction and then give your reasons for whatever it is you think is a regression - not just an empty comment without suggestion.

When I look back the progression of features and improvements over what it was when I paid my membership 4+ years ago, I never thought there would be so much to add and improve upon. For the money I pad back then (and got lifetime pretty much immediately) its worth far more to me than that now.


As part of the roon community I still shake my head when I read comments that are more or less shots across the bow between annual subscribers and those who purchased lifetime subscriptions.

I purchased a lifetime subscription without hesitation and would do it again. For those who are on an annual cycle … If it works for you that’s great.

Some have large database’s of music while others pay for add-ons such as Tidal. Again … To each their own.

When it comes to the roon software we all have different items that we feel roon should be prioritized with respect to new releases and updates.

I definitely agree that it would be great to see a roon roadmap … not with firm timelines or dates but one that shows the high level direction.

I continue to enjoy what roon adds to my music experience. roon continues to evolve and get better. Are there items I would like to see addressed? Absolutely. Are there updates that may not be applicable to my needs? Absolutely.

Continue the great work roon and I look forward to the next release.


Aside from the 50 or so long outstanding feature requests, only a few of which I consider actual enhancements, Roon works pretty much as advertised. No complaints here! Anything more is extra icing on the cake. Signed, Roon fanboy with platinum level - joking :joy:… not at all.

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Hi ChrisH. I also have an Innuos and am trying the Roon experimental mode running Roon on the Zen as a core and end-point. It sounds great, but occasionally I get track drop-outs. (No DSP on Multi-room used)

Everyone is looking forward to a new release. There is no doubt. However, what we have is already absolutely fabulous. What I love most about ROON is the complementarity of our library with services like TIDAL or QOBUZ. For me, this is what sets it apart from everything else. If I can get this out of the house, IT WOULD BE SUPER SUPER …
Keep up the super good work …


I have this rather silly frase going on in my head; ‘I can’t wait for 1.8.’

And it’s true, but… I’d rather have it done well, then done quickly.
Although, I would prefer both, of course. :wink:

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I rather wait a whole lot longer for 2.0

What’s in a number :joy: