It's a pity that Roon 2.0 no longer supports Windows 7

It’s a pity that 2.0 no longer supports windows 7? For work reasons, my computer must use the old Windows 7 system. On the 1.8 version, I can freely use the roon to play the music in the nas. Unfortunately, the 2.0 version cannot be installed and used in the Windows 7 system. I have other ways Can 2.0 run on Windows 7?

I loved Windows 7, and regard all subsequent releases as inferior, at least from a UI perspective.

Microsoft stopped supporting it in January 2020 though. I’m not sure how Roon are expected to continue to do so nearly three years later.


Yeah, Microsoft doesn’t even support it not sure why Roon should.


Windows 7 is a security disaster. Hasn’t been patched in 2 years, and is a hacker’s best friend.


I hate Windows 7. I use work software that only supports Windows 7, so I have to use Windows 7. Windows 7 is really insecure, and it’s frustrating that I have to use it 。

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Gosh - it’s pretty scary that businesses and other organisations are still dependent on Windows 7.

If I worked for one I think I’d be looking for another job :grimacing:

Edit: and I say this as a Windows 7 fan


Not a business, but a (self-employed) haha! The general meaning is a personal business. Since the purchased sales management software only supports Windows 7, it can only continue to be used. I wanted to replace the software at one time, because there are too many types and data migration is too cumbersome, so I have not been able to act.;(

Even more so when a lot of cash machines use WinXP POS. Police forces, too! But these are slowly being updated. And of course a lot of business. Even the UK’s NHS were and still using XP… :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Would a VM help? Say a new PC with Win10/11, and then run a VM of 7?


Running virtual machines is a good option. I tried it. It doesn’t work. This prompt usually means that the graphical interface did not load successfully. I guess it was because I couldn’t call the host video card, so I gave up trying. Fortunately, you can continue to use 1.8. I don’t know how much longer it will last

Well, 7 is very good OS, but today without MS support? That’s totally understanding.

Wandering further off topic here, but sales management software suggests you’ve got important, possibly personally identifiable information on your computer. As others in this thread have noted, Windows 7 has not received security updates for several years now (and I wonder how well patched your sales management software is if it only runs on Windows 7). Given that your machine is on the internet (since you’re running Roon on it), you’re setting yourself for problems.


Whatever your work needs for windows 7 should probably be done in VM at this stage.

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Not so much these days. Regulators came down hard on XP, especially seeing that it hasn’t been security patched since 2014.

Do you consider the opposite true as well. Roon should support OS which is still supported by Microsoft?

No, Roon should support OS versions that are economically feasible to them.

I’d quite like to be able to use Win 2000 but no. What is wrong with this world?

Script kiddies… :joy:

Which OS that Microsoft still supports isn’t supported by Roon?