It's not Roon, it's you... it's the music

My whole point is that Roon isn’t your vise. The music is.

Music is my therapy. I’ve got a dedicated room with a kick-ass system that thumps hard. When I want to “get away” this is where I retreat to. I don’t jump in a bubble bath I go crank the stereo and the world can go away for a while. It’s the music, the electronics, the little errors in my room, this comfy chair, a good cup of coffee or bourbon, etc. etc. etc.

My therapy is not Roon. Yes, I use Roon and it’s my preferred way to deliver my therapy but if Roon crashes… The music plays on.

I read lots of posts that lead me to believe some people consider Roon their therapy and the world has ended because Roon no longer functions. So, the point of my post, Roon isn’t your vise; the music is. Always have a very simple playback system… when Roon crashes retreat to your therapy zone, use the simple system, have a coffee or a bourbon (or both), and then go fix Roon with a clear head.

Happy Roon’ing… but don’t forget it was always and still is about the music


Spot on, definitely don’t need Roon, I just want to press play.

Putting the means above the goals is not new in audio. It started with the equipment. It may be extending to software, but software is a lot harder to get right for a variety of platforms and devices. It’s been treating me well, but I’m sure many reported problems are genuine.

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Thank you for this thought.
I needed it. :sweat_smile: