iTunes Library import/sync with Core on a NAS and iTunes on a MacBook

is it possible to sync the iTunes Library (either on MacBook or in iCloud) with Roon core on a QNAP NAS?
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What I’ve done is backup the iTunes library folder onto the NAS (nuc in my case). Then just change the location of the library in iTunes to the external folder. I’m running ROCK on the nuc, which you could also do on the QNAP.

I use iTunes to import files and organize my library just as always, but Roon is much more user-friendly for actually listening to that library. Nothing Roon does changes the underlying file structure in the iTunes library.

Even though Roon won’t index videos, audiobooks, podcasts, etc, you can still keep them organized in iTunes and run them off the server. Only problem I’d foresee is when you travel disconnected from your LAN. Roon doesn’t recommend running your core on a cloud.

Just make sure the Qnap meets minimum requirements, i3 or better processor, and an ssd to host the Roon Database.

I use Chronosync to sync my iTunes library each night from my Mac Mini to my NUC/ROCK on the network (I have a USB drive connected directly to NUC), and then have Roon point to that USB drive for iTunes (in addition to my FLAC library on that same USB drive). This way the (copy of) iTunes music library is always standalone and available on the network regardless if your main computer/laptop is on the network. I believe you can also set the Chronosync script to automatically kickoff when your MacBook is connected to the network alongside your external drive (USB, NAS, etc.).

I’ve set up chrono as well and basically it works fine.
But there’s is one problem related to it, it seems that my playlists from iTunes do not sync completely though I’ve copied the xml of the library as well. Only those titles are in the playlists that already have been part of my Roon library. The rest is omitted.
Is there any solution to the sync problem of iTunes playlists to Roon on a NAS?