iTunes Playlists and Song counts

Hi there, I have a couple of questions/issues regarding a recent import of my iTunes playlists.

My Roon library was previously pointed at the iTunes music directory and not at the root with the xml files - I have just changed that and it re-scanned all the music files and the playlists. The playlists are now available in Roon, however there seems to be a few random songs that are missing. For example a list of 25 songs will have 23 available in Roon. The songs are visible and playable in Roon, but have not been imported to the Roon playlist from the iTunes playlist. Any thoughts?

Secondly my song counts are all different between Roon, iTunes, and a file count of the music directory. There are maybe two dozen files that Roon has skipped, but the file count is off by a couple of hundred songs. (Roon= 24680, iTunes = 23517, File count = 24463) I haven’t hit across something I can’t find yet and I’m a bit loathe to go through 24,000 songs to check so I thought I’d see if there are any other users that have seen this and if its common. I’m suspecting that the Tidal favourites/playlists are counted in the Roon number?

Thanks, G