J River WDM issues

Roon’s DSP has always been capable of doing crossovers/multichannel output. We do not have a canned subwoofer section, but all of the building blocks are there for you to put together a low pass filter in the right place and route audio accordingly. You could also likely set up whatever you need using convolution + an appropriate text configuration if you need even more flexibility.

Push mode (or not) is a setting at the audio device level–has nothing to do with Qobuz.

I can’t speak for sure about how well JRiver’s driver works with Roon today. I’d recommend working out your DSP in Roon instead of cobbling together a fragile solution out of two players.

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Brian, thank you. My Roon license expired before DSP was part of it. I am strongly considering re-upping. Between Qobuz integration and DSP, I could indeed use only one program, which would be wonderful. I’m all for simplicity.

So in the DSP feature of Roon 1.6 I could do the following?

  • Copy the main R and L to sub R and L
  • High-pass the mains and low-pass the subs with desired slopes and frequencies
  • Apply EQ to any and all channel(s)
  • Modify levels of channels
  • Output the result as channels (1,2,3,4) over USB

Yes, all of that should be achievable.

All this can be done with Procedural EQ @Mike-48
If 1 and 2 are L and R, and 3 and 4 are sub L and sub R, use MIX, PEQ, PEQ, and VOLUME modules.
Assuming 80Hz crossover 24dB/Oct, and -3dB reduction of L and R, here you are:


Unfortunately channels cannot be renamed.Make sure your device is set to “Multichannel”. Roon will stream 4 channels over USB. You can change the parameters in semi-real time, Roon stops for a second and resumes. Handy for fine tuning.

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