James Brown albums constantly causing headaches

Hi folks!

I’m not quite sure this is where it needs to be. If it is, cool. If not, my apologies.

I currently have 2 albums, Live at the Apollo I and Live at the Apollo II, attributed to “James Brown & His Famous Flames.” I also have nine other albums listed solely under “James Brown.” So far, so good! Follow me, now. Still with me? Great!

Here’s my issue: For the past few months, every time Roon restarts, I have two James Browns, one of which will have six or seven albums, and the other, which will have two or three. When I try to click on either of them, Roon will show me, at most, maybe two of the albums, and I cannot merge artists.

The ONLY way I am able to regularly fix this and have all James under one James (:grin:) is to first go into the “Album” view, putting my library A-Z in alphabetical order, then I have to click on each JB album, one by one. Now, at this point, despite all of them being clearly identified as their correct albums by Roon, I need to laboriously re-identify each album in Roon, making sure I select the correct version. Once they are all re-identified, and ONLY then, will all of the albums properly re-organize under a single artist known as James Brown.

I have been doing this for months and simply did not want to bring this here, as I was stubbornly determined to find my own resolution, but, Roon just crashed and re-started and this was the final straw. I can’t do it again.

Any assistance GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance!

PS. I’ve also tried deleting the entire James Brown folder from my Roon target music folder and re-transferring it over, to no avail.

Hi @Joe_Strain — Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the trouble here.

We currently have a ticket open with our team regarding this issue. I can’t provide specific timeframes, but we will be sure to keep you up to date here when we have new information available on a solution here.

Thanks for the report!

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Much appreciated, @dylan. Thank you!

@dylan, The new build of Roon has fixed my issue of multiple “James Browns” after over a year of re-doing things after each re-start! Thank you! After all, we all KNOW that there could only ever be ONE James Brown!

I feel like I wanna jump back and kiss m’ahself! :kissing_heart:

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