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Oh well. Hopefully it’ll get figured out.

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If you are using one of the URLs obtained inside your account, you won’t hear interruptions on Dreams. Premium or Premium Plus members hear no promotional or fund drive messages - it’s how we thank members for contributing to our public radio service.

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That’s not what I meant by interruptions (though I certainly appreciate the lack of commercial or fund raising interruptions!). It’s the music stopping and needing to be restarted. This morning I had lots of uninterrupted time. Tonight it’s bad again. I don’t know what’s causing it. I switched to another subscription stream within Live Radio and it hasn’t stopped yet (JazzRadio.com). If there is something about sensitivity to fluctuations in the internet connection, some stations seem more susceptible than others. It’s been a problem with live radio within Roon for a long time. There are threads and posts regularly.

Please follow these steps:

Follow these steps using the Chrome browser.

Step 1: At JazzGroove.org Log In to your account.

Step 2: Click Account & then click Audio Settings

Step 3: Under Premium URL, Select the Audio Quality & the Channel you’d like.

Step 4: Copy & paste the provided URL into the Chrome browser. Note the URL will change to a redirected URL. COPY that new redirected URL and use it with your Roon device.

Does that work for you?

We’re beta-testing the above steps. Your feedback is welcome and appreicated. Email us at this address: support@jazzgroove.org

The same thing here listening channel # 1. I have already done the suggested procedure.

Works thanks put my feedback in the email - lovin it,

its working very good…yesterday wits some dropouts…but today it seems to be ok… im realy satisfied with SQ …sam small issues with metadata are not important for me

I am one happy man! Initially tried a direct copy/paste didn’t work for me. Then reading Paul Goldstein’s instructions of copying the link from the account to your web browser I couldn’t get it to work using Safari on Mac OS. So I switched to using an alternative browser (Brave) then copied to URL to Roon and the magic works. Thanks Paul.
Finally after months of patient waiting I can now stream my favourite Jazzgroove stream directly to my Lumin X1 (upsampled to DSD 22.579MHz 1 bit) and it sounds just beautiful. Thank you Jazzgroove.

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With all the technical wranglings, I haven’t had the chance to say that I’m really enjoying the channels! Few tracks I would skip even if we did get the capability!

Back to technical… I think the internet connection where I am loses a slight bit of stability in the afternoon and evening. My guess is due to added demand at those times. Zoom conferences can be a bit less stable and internet radio sometimes stops.

However, I’m finding that JG stops way more easily than other stations. I can play it, it will stop a couple of times. I can switch to jazzradio or radio paradise, neither of which stop for 20 min or so. Back to JG and it stops again after a bit. In the morning, it is rock solid for a couple of hours, at least.

What does this mean? I don’t know the technicalities enough, but it seems that JG is more sensitive to internet fluctuations, FWIW.

Another observation is that JG tends to play at a lower volume than everything else. Anyone else find this?

I have observed several interruptions with Jazz Groover for example, last night I could not hear the channel Dreams without interrupting it several times. My network is very good so that is not the problem. About the volume I feel the same thing here.

It could be loading. The audio server used has 76 different station streams on it. Most of these have zero, 1 or 2 listeners at the moment. I suppose when the West coast starts to hit the airwaves it might get busy. Just a guess.

Maybe. I’m on the west coast. If you’re correct, it would coincide with my local internet demand issue and not be triggered by it.

I’m in Brazil, five hours less

Do you notice interruptions during particular times during the day? If consistent with what I’m seeing, I guess it would start mid-morning for you.

77 streams now, 112 listeners. (It was 90 or so)
I’ll post again in an hour or two…

Basically I listen to Jazz Groover at night and I have had interruption problems around 11:00 pm sometimes a little later, it means 6:00 or 7:00 pm on the east coast.

I guess we would need a bunch more data from more people to find a pattern.