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I have been listening to this station for some time and recently donated so that I can get access to their Flac streams. I am not sure what the url is to add it in Roon. Anyone listen to this stations Flac stream in Roon?

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I’m doubtful it could be done, but maybe you could help.
First, I believe the premium stream only works through the web interface - is that correct? Perhaps not a deal breaker but do they talk about using other players?

Secondly, they say one of the benefits is being able to skip songs - that does sound likes deal breaker because it implies the audio is coming over as file based rather than a continuous stream. Roon can’t cope with that I’m afraid.

(It is possible to use premium streams if a token particular to you is used - you then use that in the my live radio section.)

What can you tell me about the setup?

if you need to donate to get access to the flac stream, then Roon should not add that stream into the Live Radio system.

IF they give you the option for a Direct Stream as described on this page; https://jazzgroove.org/listen?channel=mix1 Then you can add that URL in your My Live Radio.

No, but can be in the my live radio section. See

For example.

Yes, a user can add whatever they want to My Live Radio. The point I was making is that the flac stream, or any stream, which is pay-gated should not be added to the Live Radio Index.

Should not or could not? If I add it to my live radio, no one else gets access. Or is there a problem with getting through the account login from Roon to access the Flac stream?

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Well, to be precise, it’s both as regards live radio as you can’t add stations there unless you have the privileges. And as @Rugby says, we who do, wouldn’t.

For my live radio, there is no problem because, as you say, only you can access the stream - if there is a stream. I don’t know whether there is, but if so, we could perhaps help you set it up. As I said above, though, I’m doubtful.

Ok I’m working with them to see what is available- I’ll reply when I find out more.


Excellent. That’s what we need.

Hello - Paul from JazzGroove.org here. We have direct URLs you may use to access some of our free streams (to see them at Jazz Groove org 1: Click gear icon (lower left) 2. Click FAQS and scroll down).

We also offer Premium features including song skip functionality, FLAC and 256AAC, fund drive silencing (we’re a non-commercial public radio service) & more which you’ll be able to access soon in our new apps coming later this year. Until then we’re in your web browser at JazzGroove.org and via URLs provided on our site. What else should we do to make your JG experience with Roon a delight?

Hi Paul,

I have a premium subscription that I don’t use because I haven’t figured out how to add it the Roon my radio. Can you help me with that?

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Hello @Paul_Goldstein, thank you for getting in touch. We have already added both of your mix streams to the general area of Roon radio - these are available to all Roon users.

We don’t add premium streams to that area for obvious reasons, but a particular user can add such streams to their own, private, setup and this is where @George_Carlson wishes to add your flac streams.

As long as the url points to a stream of the usual icecast form, with perhaps (fixed) query strings attached, we should be OK. If he needs to login or authenticate explicitly somehow we will have problems.

Please feel free to PM me (click on my avatar) if you prefer to describe in detail or walk through setting up @George_Carlson privately. (I have increased your trust level so you can PM him or me)

Thankyou I’ll give it a try this weekend

@Paul_Goldstein I’ve wanted a good lossless jazz channel I could add to Roon. I hope you can work it out to provide a premium URL for us to add to Roon. I know it can work as I’ve added premium urls for JazzRadio.com and CalmRadio.com (both are 320k though). They are unique to me with some embedded info for my subscription. With this capability, I would go premium.


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@George_Carlson @pstrisik
Gentlemen, The Jazz Groove is working on some exciting improvements debuting later this year including the Premium lossless stream you requested. In the meantime, I challenge any audiophile to find a better jazz stream in terms of fidelity, curation, selection and mix. As a jazz critic recently suggested, “JazzGroove.org is the crown jewel of jazz radio” - test drive it yourself and see what you think - free links below:

Mix #1

Mix #2

Those links are already in Roon, @Paul_Goldstein.
For the premium streams, is it the case that these don’t exist in a form that subscribers could use in Roon now, and is that what you are working on? That’s unclear to me.

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Jazz Groove Premium & Premium Plus (jazzgroove.org/premium) at this time come to you inside your web browser when you’re logged into your JazzGroove.org account. Most users with various sound systems use PAIRING tools like Bluetooth or Airplay or cables to send JazzGroove.org from a PC, MAC, iPhone, Android or Tablet to their audio components. I understand the need for a “lossless” url for Roon and we hope to address that with an upcoming release. For now, what is your assessment of the provided links?

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That’s what I thought. Thank you for addressing the Roon angle in your future release, we appreciate it.

I can only say they work well, and Roon usually recognises and links the metadata; however Flac will provide the full sound experience that Roon is capable of. I defer to the jazz afficionados for comments on the content.

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Yes anxiously waiting for the Flac streams

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Just been on a chat session with JazzGroove. The expected ETA for ROON access to FLAC and/or ALAC streaming is now Dec/Jan. Not that long to wait.