JazzRadio.com how to add

I just signed up for a premium service trial with JazzRadio.com. Is there any way to add the individual
JazzRadio stations into my live radio. I can’t find a way to identify the file path for the individual radio stations to add


I added the free streams for a number of Jazz Radio stations before Live Radio was released and you will find them under France.

Premium streams might possibly be added using the Add Station tool in My Live Radio. Jazz Radio don’t publish the Premium stream URL. You will have to contact them directly.

It may be that Premium streams are only available through specific software in order to confirm current registration.

Under your account, you find “Player settings”. Goto “Hardware Player settings” and select “choose a channel”. Now you see the address!
Example: http://listen.jazzradio.com/premium/blues.pls?listen_key=0429xxxxxxxxx764

Thank you for the help I will follow through with this

Hi @Gocubs42, just checking. Did you get your streams sorted ok?

Yes I was able to stream the various stations in jazz radio.com. I was in a 30 day trial. During the trial the stream would just quit at the end of a song on occasion. I read this was also happening to other users of the service. So I did not sign up after the trial. I really liked the variety and content

Ok, thanks for the reply. I’ll go ahead and close this thread now.