Jivelite for DietPi

Hi all, I’ve just installed DietPi and Squeezelite.

Is Jivelite available? I can’t find it in DietPi.

Many thanks

Hi Sean,

Unfortunately, Jivelite is not available in DietPi-Software currently. It would need to be installed manually.

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But… If this is the route you want to go – why not just install PiCorePlayer and be done with it?

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Thanks gents. PicorePlayer doesn’t support DSD with JiveLite with my HiFiBerry Dac+ PRO (building a little Squeezebox device with a screen and Pi)

I was able to get DSD512 reliably with DietPi and RoonBridge but obviously can’t get Roon album art and VU meter on the 7" Pi screen with RoonBridge

PicorePlayer was working nicely with Jivelite and Roon but limited to 24/192 with the HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro

I have the same problem i use sabre 9018k2m and dietpi is the unique soft we use excellent quality with this DAC.
Can you help us to install Jivelite.
Thank you very much

Hi I think Ropieee’s developer may work on something for Roon cover art on the Pi Touchscreen.

No timeline though.