John Lurie vs Marvin Pontiac

please correct this

the real name is John Lurie. Marvin Pontiac is a fake name he used in only one album.
my library does not recognize artist John Lurie…

I’ve made an edit, which should propagate down to your library within a week. It looks like Rovi has assigned the wrong Pontiac to the Legendary Marvin Pontiac album. I’ll let them know.


yes, “the legendary marvin pontiac” is an album of"marvin pontiac", but under the name is john lourie.

Thank you, thank you. I cannot thank you enough.

Well, actually, no. In fact there was just a new Marvin Pontiac release toward the end of 2017!

Excellent news, because I’d feared we wouldn’t get to hear anything new from John Lurie or his friend Marvin ever again.

anyways, i’m glad for the new album too!

What was that Wikipedia entry for? Of course everyone knows Marvin Pontiac is an alter ego of Lurie’s.

I was just pointing out there wasn’t just the one “Marvin Pontiac” album - we got a new one quite recently (and it’s charming).

Except… @joel et al… Houston, we’ve had a problem here:

It looks as if there may no longer be a primary artist identity for John Lurie. Has he been swallowed up by Marvin Pontiac?

Roon folk, what’s your solution for artists who operate under multiple aliases? You want for Roon to be able to identify them as the same person for the purpose of finding all their work, but you want to retain the original credits as written, listing whatever name was used then.

This also comes up, for instance, with Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) who’s also been recording as “Alvarius B.” and… what else, “Uncle Jim”?