John Taylor Equivalence

I’ve got listings for five John Taylors in my library. Three of the listings identify John Taylor from Duran Duran, one is unidentified, and one is John T. Taylor. I can’t figure out who the picture is for two of the ones idenified as John Taylor from Duran Duran. All of the listings attribute composition credit to John Taylor for songs he clearly didn’t write. I’ve attached screenshots to illustrate.

Looking in Allmusic, it appears that anyone listed as a composer on the album is automatically listed as a composer of every song. Looking in Discogs, composer credit is assigned appropriately to each song. This seems to be a problem with the way Allmusic collects and collates it’s data. As an example, Discogs lists the composer of the song Claude and Betty as Steve Swallow. Allmusic lists every musician involved with the production as composer of Claude and Betty.

Just figured out the picture is John Taylor pianist. He is the artist involved with the production of the album Passengers, but the description is still John Taylor of Duran Duran.

Hi @David_Gibson,

We took a look at things on our end and things appear to be correct.

In the screenshot you shared, the Bio and Born fields are both for John Taylor or Duran Duran, but the date of death and image are of the Jazz pianist. On our side, things do not appear this way. Have you made any edits to this artist on your end in the past?

Okay, I’ve eliminated one John Taylor by editing the composer credits for the Gary Burton’s album Passengers. It looks like Allmusic lists all of the artists involved in the project as composers for each song, including a John Taylor (contemporary English keyboard player) who doesn’t appear to have been involved in this production. Roon is confusing this John Taylor with the John Taylor from Duran Duran. Now I have two John Taylors with a picture of the English keyboard player and the bass player from Duran Duran. They both have the the bass player’s bio, his birthday, but a death date of 2015. When I click on the picture of the bass player, I get the picture of the keyboard player. The compositions listed appear to be all the 158 compositions of the bass player. In other words, it’s a total mess.