Join our conversation with AudioQuest on November 22nd!

Hey Roon Community!

You’re invited to join in for the launch of our new video series In Conversation: Roon meets AudioQuest! Our first episode is tomorrow, November 22nd at 5pm UTC.

We’ll be chatting with Rob Hay from AudioQuest about their revolutionary portable DragonFly DACs and how they fit together with Roon to enrich your listening experience - at home and on the go. We’ll also include a range of use possibilities beyond Roon to demonstrate the countless ways DragonFly delivers better sound.

Have questions about using DragonFly with Roon? Bring them along for the Q&A portion of our talk!

Sign up here if you’d like to tune in. We hope to see you there!


I use a Cobalt and find it a great add-on for my iPhone. With the addition of Arc, my preferred app to listen to music on the go, it makes for a very good mobile audio option.

I wish Audioquest would design a case-mod for the iPhone range to house the Dragonfly DACs on the back with an integrated USB to lightning solution.


I have an Audio Quest Dragonfly Cobalt that I used for walking my dog, etc. However, I now have a US$50 FiiO KA1 that I prefer. It’s so small and doesn’t require the camera adapter and sounds just as good.

Haha, I had to reread that, I was imagining a dog collar with USB cable and DAC around your dogs neck!!!


I guess I should have said for use WHEN walking my dog. :smiley: But, what a great idea. I could hang my Mojo 2 on my dog’s collar. Wrap the wires around her leash.


I had the Cobalt for over 2 years which I used with a I-home 11 Pro as the Apple sound was quite frankly a joke, Cobalt was a great upgrade however just upgraded to the IFI Go Bar which to be honest is light years better in every way.


Watched it in it’s entirety today at 12pm ECT.
Thanks guys!


Thank you, chaps for joining!

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Apologies, I was running late with a client and couldn’t join in.

Unfortunately missed it, will it be posted anywhere , YouTube etc ?

Hey @Mike_O_Neill, and Community gang. Yes! We’ll clean up a few audio and connectivity dropouts and upload it to YouTube soon. Also, I believe that a link to the original is being sent to our email subscribers today.

For those of you who have turned off Roon notification emails, shoot me a PM here on Community, and I’ll send you the link.

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Interesting discussion. I currently do not have a need for the audioquest products, or indeed any of the other items mentioned. Maybe in the future.

I do have a polo shirt that is the same as Rob, the audioquest guy. About £27 from Next, if anyone is interested. :smiley:

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You have the Polo shirt? What else could you want?! :rofl: