Joining seven endpoints

I want to use the Roon software to combine seven endpoints together so that we can play the same music on or seven simultaneously. Korc would be either a nucleus plus or an Innuos . I want to use PRIMARE hi prisma Amplifiers has endpoints and six zones and the weiss 502 has 10 points in the seventh
I’m wondering if anybody sees any problems doing this either in terms of control for musical playback?

I have a Nucleus+ with 12 zones in my house comprised of Sonore (Signature Rendu SEs), Lumin (U1 and U1 Mini), NAD (CI720s with integrated BluOS) and Bluesound Node 2s endpoints and they can all be played in sync. Key thing is they all have to be using the same transport protocol. RAAT endpoints can’t be mixed with Airplay devices for example. Not familiar with Primare or Wiess endpoints but as long as they are certified Roon Ready you should be ok.

I don’t believe Primare is Roon Ready.

How do you plan to connect to your Primare device?