Joni Mitchell's "Blue" on TIDAL (redbook version) - SPLIT?

My version of Joni Mitchell’s Blue on TIDAL, redbook version, is split into two in my Roon library: tracks 1-4 in one album, tracks 5-10 in another album. I cannot tell why as every piece of metadata seems to indicate that it is the same album!

So I deleted the CD version off of my favorites in TIDAL, and accordingly it disappeared in Roon. Then I added the TIDAL redbook album again in TIDAL (where it shows as one album) and this is what it looks like in Roon:

Overview view:

First “album” has the first 4 tracks:

Second “album” has the following 6 tracks:

What metadata can I edit to collapse them into one album?

Go to Album Browser in Roon

Right Click on the First Tidal “Blue” Album

Then Click on the 2nd Tidal “Blue” Album

Both Albums should now appear ‘highlighted’

Then Click on the Edit button that appears in the top right hand corner

Click on the “Merge Albums” option

This will open all Tracks on one screen…make sure the Track sequence is correct…and then select the “Make 1 Disc from 10 Tracks”…and Roon should now properly ID the Album as 1 by 10 Track Album with review etc

It’s worthwhile checking if this Tidal version is the MQA version…as this is well worth comparing against the 16/44 version also on Tidal

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The TIDAL MQA version shows up as one album, it is only the redbook that shows up this odd way.

Thx. This worked.