I have RoonServer working fine under Win 12 Server Essentials, using an ASIO driver to my DAC. However, when I try to switch to using the JPlay ASIO connection for RoonServer, I get nothing. My JPLAY settings are set to use the ASIO driver for my DAC and Classic streaming. What else am I missing to get RoonServer to play through JPLAY?

Hi Karl

Did you solve this I have exactly the same problem Jriver works fine in a dual server setup when running with Jplay bur as soon as I stert Roon server on the control PC Jplay looses connection with the audio PC which is set up with fixed ip addresses.

It does sometimes work for a while and then screws things up so have disabled roon server until I figure it out, a bit frustrating as I think roon sounds a little more musical than jplay