JRiver MD compromised

They said: JRiver’s servers were recently attacked and partially compromised.
We have spent the last few weeks recovering from this catastrophic event.

Few weeks ?
So - disaster recovery system is rather weak…

Please rEad the detail before bing so glib

Nothing personal was lost, no CC details maybe forum passwords which they immediately requested users to change

They were up and running within the day, warning their customers on the forum

The mail you obviously got was many weeks after full recovery

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No if you use the forum, there was a big banner headline within hours of the event and a further forum post explaining what do do and how to do it

If you are not a regular forum contributor you may have missed.

I certainly didn’t I am regular contributor.

Jriver is confident that nothin else was compromised, even those passwords were encrypted so they are confident they were safe , it was just a precaution.

I think they handled the whole episode professionally, despite being embarrassed by the whole thing


Stuff like this is, in part, why I despise JShiver management. The CEO is a piece of work.

Any say I disagree, he even decided to delete some of my posts when he didn’t like the content

I implied , not named , Tidal and Roon !!


I think we’ve talked about this before. He’s done worse to my posts.

I made a post that had good and bad points about JShiver. The a**hole took out the critical part, but left the complementary part.

I consider that, identity theft.

Ditto, he sanitized one when I commented he just deleted them