Just Announced: NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier

I second this. I get constant skipping. Most especially if ANY DSP options are selected.

Update - connecting over Wifi (strangely) gets rid of all skipping.

I just starting using the M10 last week. So far so good. The only problem I’ve had streaming with Roon was some skipping when using DSP. Since Roon DSP is done on the core rather than the M10, I assume that it’s an issue on my PC rather than the M10. Most of the time DSP works just fine to the M10.

An interesting tidbit - if the M10 is connected to a TV with the ARC HDMI port, the album art is displayed on the TV. Unfortunately you can’t switch to lyrics, album reviews or any of the other cool things that Roon links to, but I wasn’t even expecting the album cover because the M10 manual says that no video is routed through the HDMI.

I’m very impressed with the amplifier in the M10. Very punchy and dynamic sound and can play as loud as I want without distortion. I’m using Def Tech Mythos STS speakers which aren’t a very difficult load and are fairly efficient. I wonder how the M10 would do with less efficient speakers or very low impedance.

I was really excited about the Dirac Live room correction so I’m pretty disappointed that it hasn’t actually been implemented yet. Hopefully it’s as good as Lyngdorf Room Perfect which I have found to be very helpful for taming room nodes and compensating for not being able to place speakers in the ideal position (my listening room is also the living room so I can’t bring the speakers out into the room the way I used to when I had a dedicated room).

Overall I’m very impressed with the M10. Just anxious to see what Direc Live does.

I guess it will get certified when they fix the bugs your all witnessing. Bluesound dont seem to be able to get much right at the moment.

Early adoption=problems
I learnt the hard way, even though new gear lures you in, i steel myself and resist.

Anyone been able to connect their NAD M10 to Roon yet? I’m having no luck at all.

Mine had no problem at all connecting to roon. Roon found it right away.

Mine is fine .