Just Announced: NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier


Looks like they’re taking a swing at the Naim Uniti Atom.

I was going to pickup an Atom next month but I might have to hold off a moment. Maybe the M10 will seamlessly switch to the HDMI input and allow control via IR or wifi.

Yes. I’m throwing “shade” at the atom.


With DIRAC live DSP too.

Looks like the Naim Uniti Atom has a real contender for the all in one Crown.

15 hours behind the curve Simon :slight_smile:

I’m aloud mate turning 50 squiffs the brain. :slight_smile:

Well mine must be complete mush, 60 is quite near

This is interesting, but Roon is not mentioned anywhere. I know BluOS is supposed to support RAAT… maybe not in the M10? Yet?

I’m guessing this is still Roon ready, knowing bluesound.

I wonder if this will drive a pair of PSB t3s?

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My Paradigm Studio 20 v5s are also aching for an AIO.

The M10 looks to be available now. Anyone get one yet? Does it show up in Roon as an endpoint?

I wouldn’t wait too long. I read somewhere that the Atom would only be sold with the HDMI card fitted shortly, which bumps up the price by quite a bit for something you might not want.

If that happens then it’s NAD all the way. Naim has already raised the price on the Uniti line from release. The HDMI should of been included all this time. Sonos and NAD have it on their modern systems.

I’m not in the market, but if I was this ticks a lot of boxes and in an apartment/city-friendly package.

I have had the M10 for a few days now and it is very buggy with Roon. It’s doesnt seem to sync well with it and also drops off my device list. My Node 2i does the same thing. All other devices work great.

That’s disappointed to hear. My node 2 has been solid with Roon. I’m definitely leaning towards this unit instead of the uniti atom. Do you have any other observations about the M10? What’s speakers are you driving?

I am using the M10 with KEF R300’s and two KEF Kube 12b subs. It sounds amazing even without Dirac. I was also looking at the Atom but this checks all the boxes I need. There are a couple other bugs. The internal amps go into standby after a while but the screen stays on. Its also supposed to have a proximity sensor that changes the screen when you go up to it but nothing happens. This all seems to be simple software issues so I am hoping they will all get fixed soon, including the Roon issues.

Hmm, I am also very interested in the m10. This device could replace my current digital frontend. But it’s for comfort/look reasons only, i don’t think that sound quality will be better for me – it should be worse regarding the tech specs only.

What do you think? Should I stay with my gear or sell everything and get a M10 – just because I “want” one and it would look nice -.- OMG #firstworldproblems … Right now I am using a rack with Allo Digi One Signature with Audiophonics LPS, Gumby Gen 5, Schiit Saga and Schiit Vidar into the KEF LS50. Analogue will stay regardless of the M10.

My heart and my brain tell me: keep the stuff, sounds great right now… something else (maybe Marie Kondo?) just want to tidy up everything and use one box…

I’d be curious on how good this is as well, and if if has enough power.

I’m thinking of replacing my M12 + M27 + miniDSP with this single unit.

I’m Just wondering if the sound quality is as good as the M12, and if this has enough power to drive PSB T3’s

I got the M10. For the life of me, I cannot get dirac to see the unit.

I dont think Dirac is available yet.

When will the M10 get certified? It is very buggy on Roon. Tracks slow to start. Sound starts after track starts. Track stops playing. BluOS works fine. Although, the Node 2i wasnt certified and it worked fine