Just built my first RoPieee Touch - feedback

Just built my first RoPieee Touch! It was an easy and fun project. It’s really nice to have the album art and Artist/Album/Track metadata displayed. Also super convenient to use Flirc + IR remote for basic transport controls.

I noticed couple of minor behaviors:

  1. In the Roon client, when the last track in the queue has finished playing, or you clear all tracks from the queue, the album art and artist/album/track metadata display is cleared from the “Screen Saver” and it shows “Nothing Playing”. Similarly, Roon Displays switch to just the “roon” logo. RoPieee’s behavior is not consistent with this. It continues to display the album art and metadata of the last played track (even if it has been removed from the queue!). I feel it will be more consistent and logical for RoPieee to clear the metadata and switch the album art to RoPieee logo.

  2. I’ve turned down the clock brightness, but the power button remains much brighter than the clock itself, which is kind of distracting. Can the brightness be reduced to match, or even better, can we get rid of the power button? Tapping on the top right corner could work like a hidden power button, just like the bottom right corner brings up settings. I feel that the clock will look much more elegant without the power button :slight_smile:.