Just gone over the 50% Tidal Vs local albums - your %s?

I don’t think that there is one correct answer, it’s more a matter of personal choice and feelings. I don’t trust the streaming services so I use local files but not everyone agrees with me, which is fine.

By the way I have a subscription to Tidal (the lower tier) which I use for when I’m away from home and also to check out new releases (at least until my ears begin to bleed from the “low quality” sound - as per Roon).

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Of course. We all have our own ways of doing things.

Are Tidal albums added to you total Roon album and track count? Do they take up any appreciable amount of space on your hard drive or other library storage device?

I’m on 25% Tidal, 75% local - total = 1937.

Yes, they are included in album and track count.
No, they take up no disk space in the library, but they are included in the database and adds to that.

Thanks for your reply

Tidal = 896 (50.3%)
Qobuz = 881 (49.5%)
Local = 4 (0.2%)
Total = 1781

My local library was built before streaming services, so I think it would be silly to dump the local and go straight up services. I still buy lots of files and SACDs and box sets, etc. Since the pandemic, my CD purchases have dropped to zero outside of the odd box set. Most of it is downloads from Qobuz or Bandcamp.

I have been allowing myself more Qobuz adds though, so my wall is cracking a bit. :upside_down_face:

40% Qobuz
60% Local

My library distribution is best represented by a pie chart:


Hence the dinosaur tag :wink:

Probably some sort of Eoraptor
Not going to handle the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event well (shortly after the start of Spotify).

Yeah, I keep thinking I’m doing this all wrong, but I like searching out rare cd’s on eBay, and then bagging them for a euro… I probably spend a lot more per month for a whole lot less music doing it like that though. I just don’t like renting things.

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98% local. 2% Qobuz

8,206 albums, 100% local. Also listen to some internet radio streams.

3333 albums, 100% local.

1587 Albums, 100% local. No Tidal for me.