Just got a couple of Duets (no remote) and managed to set them up via UDAP_Shell on an M1 Mac

Hi everyone - just thought I’d share that I’ve managed to pick up a couple of Logitech Squeeze Box duets (without remote controls) for about £30 each (including a 2 year warranty - got to love CeX) and after much faffing and messing around in terminal on an M1 MacBook Pro I have managed to get them to work as Roon endpoints!
I’m sharing this as I just took a punt on this having heard about them as endpoints on the forum, and was prepared to either lose the cash, or argue for a refund - but at 1:00am i finally managed to get everything working!
Although the threads are ancient, and the instructions are for Windows/Linux i thought it might be helpful for people to know it is possible to get the Duet up and running on a modern mac (M1 Big Sur).