Just how does "More from..." work

Below each album’s track listing is a feature titled More from (in 1.7 it was on the right side). I am not clear just what information it needs to say another album is more from. The case that drew my attention to this is two Lester Bowie albums. One is The Great Pretender where I had the primary artist as “Lester Bowie” only. The other is Fire This Time where the artist on the album cover is “Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy” which I dutifully put as a primary artist along with “Lester Bowie”. “Lester Bowie” is the album artist for both albums. roon will not treat this as two albums by Lester Bowie in “More from…”. But if I remove “Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy” from Fire… it does have both in “More from…”. Wouldn’t the sensible thing be to have roon treat albums as “More from…” if any of the Primary Artists are the same? (And be thankful I didn’t try to document in detail how it messes up “More from.,.” with William Parker and his many groups: In Order to Survive, Raining on the Moon, Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, none of which roon regards as “More from…” William Parker even though he is a Primary Artist in everyone of them.) For what it is worth, search does find all Lester Bowie and all William Parker when searching on those names. So, in short, why doesn’t “More from…” work just like search?