Just Installed Roon and pointed at a partial Sooloos export

I had exported around 100 albums (mostly classical) from Sooloos in this Roon trial and here is what I’ve discovered so far:

  1. Many albums were not identified (a deliberate ploy on my part to see if Roon database could find missing data) so no new track etc. info was found for “difficult” entries.

  2. My massaging of the graphics on album covers done in Sooloos has come through so the work done on them is not lost.

  3. The editing done on Sooloos for “Artist Name” and “Album name” appears to have come through on Roon unscathed so all that has been “lost” is editing on “reviews”.

  4. A BIG plus is the extra info shown for each track on albums containing multiple artists, composers etc.

OK, I’m sold on Roon and will apply a lifetime membership. Hopefully Roon 1.3 will allow for editing. Otherwise I guess I can still use Sooloos and export the edited files to Roon, but that is a clumsy approach.

I had planned on using an external dock for the 6TB HDD music files but instead will most likely install it inside this PC. The KISS principle again is the best :slight_smile:

At this stage, until the 6TB HDD arrives and is loaded up, I’ll not bother configuring the MS600 so will keep using Sooloos and will look to see if any more obvious editing is required.

So, hopefully, goodbye completely to Sooloos very soon.


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Roon v1.3 will bring editing, but in the meantime once you have exported from Sooloos, switch Sooloos off and then used a tag editor of your choice (I think you mentioned dBpoweramp previously, that’s what use) to directly edit the metadata in the files.

Have fun and enjoy.

Thanks for the tip Carl. I have never used dBpoweramp for editing before so was unaware of that option - all previous editing has been in Sooloos.

I can see that some track info will need editing before the download to Roon so will scour the Sooloos files to tidy up the files as much as possible first. After that dBpoweramp will come into play.

“Configuring the MS600” – as I recall, the MS600 needed no special configuration. Either Roon or Sooloos can send music to the same MS600 with change. The only limitation is that only one of the two servers can be on at any one time, if both are on the fight over ownership. So switching between Roon and Sooloos involves switching things off and on, but no reconfiguration.

I’m pretty sure, it’s been quite a while, I switched Sooloos off permanently pretty quickly. If I’m wrong, somebody will weigh in.

This isn’t true any more. (I think there was a Meridian firmware to address this.) I have both cores running without issue.


Just confirming what Ludwig said … I also have both Roon Core and Sooloos Core running at the same time without issues.
Which ever one selects a given Meridian endpoint “owns it” until released. A little like using a print sharer.

I have the Sooloos core running on a QNAP so other than disk space for the Sooloos library it does not cost me a lot to have it sitting there … but I don’t actively us it any more … I guess keep it just for diagnostic purposes.