Just installed Roon

I discovered Roon before I left for vacation last month and just today have an opportunity to install it for the 14 day trial. I installed it 2 hours ago and I’ve been immersed ever since. I’m discovering my entire music library all over again. The ability to have my mp3’s and hi-res files all in one collection that play to all my Sonos zones is like magic. Now back to listening and exploring…


Yep it does make you engage so much more. It gets better to, you’ll find those lost gems hidden for years. Makes me smile all the time and I look forward to my next session all the time.

Stayed up late enjoying Roon. i almost $hit myself when I discovered i could send meta data and lyrics to Chromecast TVs. But, I think someone broke in last night because my bottle of Weller’s is empty. Now if I could just get rid of this headache…


I was up a tad late too enjoying the music

In the back of mind I knew I had all of those MP3s still but were not part of Roon and so I decided to add them.
Been sampling some as the library is being populated. I am now at 50176 songs and still counting.

I am finding songs and albums from 20 years back. Now I am going to have find these gems on Tidal. Da*n the bad luck at what I am having to go and do …

Thank you both !


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Haha, nice! Glad you found all those old mp3’s. I bet had a lot of dust on them!