Just ordered new Roon Server

(simon arnold) #22

Sorry no idea its free delivery in UK you’d have to ask them.

(simon arnold) #23

But the machine was never in my listening area before it was hidden away in a cupboard in another room. So the fans where never heard anyway. So it must have been polluting something.

(simon arnold) #24

I guess I should just enjoy it. I don’t think it’s as fast or as powerful as the recommended NUCs for ROCK as the CPU is a little older and has a lower frequency overall, but I guess that’s why it’s fanless and such a small chassis comopared to some, it, but for my needs it’s perfect and flawless so far.

(simon arnold) #25

I am so happy with this. Just had 4 zones running independently and the server never broke sweat and searching as responsive as ever. All sounded sweet to. Thinking of changing my USB drive next and get a 2TB ssd as I have enclosure already I can use,