Just ordered new Roon Server

Well my current gen 4 i3 running ROCK is starting to play up. So took a deep intake of breath and looked around for a new device. I wanted it to be silent and not cost the earth, so no NUC. So gone for one of these.


It’s only got DDR3 ram as opposed the NUCs DDR 4 will see how it performs. I’m not one for upscaling and library is only 30000+ songs at the moment so im sure it will cope. Just hope Rock will work on it but if not I’ll use some other Linux distro.

Bargain price at £570 + 3 year warranty

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I’d check that because everything 6th gen and onwards should be DDR4.

According to intels site it can support ddr3 for this cpu.https://ark.intel.com/products/95451/Intel-Core-i7-7500U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3-50-GHz-

OK, cool…

Lets us know if Rock works!!

Sure will do

Yeah got email today that its being shipped. Probably get it Monday as I dont think DHL deliver over the weekend. Considering they mill the case and custom build the whole thing not bad,considering lead time is normally 2 weeks. Really happy with their customer service to answered all my questions quickly and kept me informed of the process through out the week. Lets hope the merchandise also gives the same performance.

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Yipeeee! It arrived this morning. This thing is really well built and heavy for its diminutive size, it’s only 20cm wide. The power lights a bit bright so need decide where I put it. Up and running with ROCK in 10 mins from unpacking. :slight_smile: Pics later.


And here it is. Not the best light to do but hey cant have everything. I even think it does sound better than the old one. Although I really don’t believe this stuff can make a difference as its not even directly attached LAN only for me.


Well after a few hours use very happy with this. Its very snappy compared to my old system, deadly quiet, lower TDP and looks really nice for a pc. So it off to a good start.

Very nice, what’s its physical size?

54mmx208mmx180mm HxWxD.

Does it come with a 12v power supply?

Yep and all the cables are really thick to unlike others I have had in the past.

I never thought I would say this. But this server has improved perceived sq. I went into this thinking it wouldn’t as how could it. But it has and I am a bit dumbfounded. Now it could be that I’ve switched to fanless or it could be that because it’s fanless I’ve moved it and now it sits somewhere different. Not sure what it is but it’s definitely clearer and bass is more defined. I have always been against this in many post on hear as the logic really dictates other wise but here I am saying it does. Bugger I’ve finally become an audiophool.


I say welcome. After all, isn’t that what most folks think about us anyway. Might as well embrace it. lol


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I want bit as bits as it should be. Damn it.

Welcome to the dark side!! Do you know if they ship to the US?

Hey, come on! Now you’ve got the best of both worlds! Bits is still assuredly bits, but the placebo effect is real, too. Think of what moving from fan to fanless would do to the sound – clearer with better low frequencies is what I’d expect to hear once you remove the pink noise of the fan.

Fanless is more important than most people think.