Just perfect software, thanks!

This is to express my sincere appreciation for the developers of Roon. I am using this software (Mac) now for more than a year and in different contexts. I have never ever used a software as complex as Roon that is so stable, functional, flawless, just working and doing what it is supposed to do. Kudos. Of course there are a few things and functionalities that some may miss. But still, I maintain my very positive judgement.

It is hard to believe that software like this still exists nowadays.

I run Roon Core on a Mac Mini, playing the music off iTunes folder on an external SSD, and doing room correction. It plays into Devialet Dialog and a stereo pair of Phantoms. Control is from a Macbook and/or iPad.


Hi WKW. thanks for posting this, its the set up I am considering getting. May I ask you a question? Do you connect the Phantom/Dialog to the Mini by Ethernet/PLC?

Hi Alan:

This is the structure:

For CD quality playing Roon via Apple’s Airplay:

Mini > [ethernet] > Dialog > [ethernet] > both phantoms.
Airplay enabled in Dialog, but Bluetooth disabled. DRC can then be made by the integrated PEQ or using convolution files in Roon. Note that this setup only allows to stream 44.1 KHz, CD, quality music.

For hirez music playing Roon via optical:
Mini > [optical] > Dialog > [ethernet] > both phantoms.
Optical enabled in Dialog and Airplay and Bluetooth disabled. DRC can then be made by Roon’s integrated PEQ, using convolution files in Roon, or as I do: using Dirac Live Audio Processor between Roon and the Mini’s optical output.

All three options for room correction run like a charm if your measurements are reliable.


You are a star, thanks. Alan

You are welcome!