Just set up the Nucleus+

Just some positive feedback (importing all my tracks again since I decided to start from scratch on the new Nucleus+). Actually as a Roon Core the Nucleus beats a 10core iMac Pro with 128GB RAM when it comes to performance. That is impressive!

This will be an exciting evening :smiley:


+1 Have fun!

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I actually found out that the Nucleus is not performing better than the 10core xeon in iMac Pro. It just had different setting on the background audio analysis speed :slight_smile:

But performance on the Nucleus+ is good.

Some issues found during the night.

  1. I selected to upgrade core from 1.4 to 1.5; and the upgrade started but did not finish (not sure what happened; I left the remote for a while so did not see any messages or errors). So I lived in the belive that I had v1.5 core, which gave me a lot of issues. Not sure what happened, but when selecting upgrade again everything worked out fine.
  2. HDMI output from Nucleus+ lost connection to the Marantz AV8802a at random intervals. Found out after reading on this forum that it might be connected to Marantz/denon handling of HDMI passthrough when you turned off the connected screen. Seems to be working now, but will test more during the next couple of days.
  3. The Nucleus+ is getting slightly hot; I can touch the cabinet, but it is 40+ degrees celcius (of course it might be connected with that is has been around 35 degrees celcius outside here in the Oslo/Norway area.

Now I will test it out more in depth the next couple of days, and I’m only waiting for the linear power supply :ok_hand:

Main usage for the Nucleus+ is not over its HDMI output, but to my headphone rig (via ethernet).

Do you use DSP/Sample Rate Conversion (may be to DSD) during playback? What is processing speed during playback?

No DSP/sample rate conversion. But I did a massive import. Checked it this morning -temperature feel good.

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If it is hot and not powering off by itself, it is working properly.

If it was cold, that means that it is not doing anything.

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Unfortunately there is no possibility to monitor CPU utilization and CPU temperature in ROCK. :frowning:

:frowning: At what temperature is it possible?

about 90-100C

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And what temperature of the chassis could be? In general, is this possible? Did you simulate this possibility when testing Nucleus +?

The chassis temp is unimportant, and never something we test. We only check the temp of the internal components which can get damaged. When the CPU is going full blast, we like the CPU to sit at about 82C.

If you wrap the Nucleus+ in a blanket and artificially drive up the CPU to max (very hard to do unless you have access to internals), it takes about 30-40 minutes to get hot enough to turn off.

for you. :wink: But user can be control only temperature of chassis.

Of couse; high chassis temp is a result of high internal component temp. So if is really hot; that would be something of concern.

But now chassis temperature is around 35-37 C. Which is were I expected it to be.

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Regarding periodically lost HDMI-connection from the Nucleus+; after turning off the HDMI passthrough setting on the Marantz AV8802a - had it running for the entire evening without any issues now.

I had one small pop from the radio stream; but suspect this was the stream itself; not the Nucleus+ or the Marantz AV8802a.

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That’s great information to have. Thanks so much.