Just to show that stuff is complicated

I just spend 3 hours, reinstalling roon from scratch, checking my firewalls etc. I had the dreaded “That song is not available” error message for everything Tidal.

At the end, i got desperate and logged into my tidal account. To discover that i am back on trial mode because my payment method expired (i had a plex pass with tidal thing that i cancelled, assuming that i had another tidal account for Roon).

When i looked at the logs, the error message coming back from Tidal is only “yeah title not available”. So there was nothing Roon could have done to give me better information.

Too many subscriptions, too many points of failure :slight_smile:

Have a happy thanksgiving (now with music)



Many people only come to incriminating conclusions after several days of ranting about the lousy Roon software. :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving back atcha.

Technically Roon was right, Roon didn’t know or care about your expired payment issue with Tidal. At least you got is straightened out. Happy Thanksgiving turkey, haha!

Agreed. If there is a problem here it is the Tidal API. The API does not return a “the user has no billing information”, but a “can not find the title” which can be caused by other issues than billing. So a client of the API, like Roon, can not distinguish this.


LOL - Just the passwords alone associated with this …