Kann Alpha connection with Roon via VPN

Hello everyone,
In the car I have a 4G router connected by VPN (WireGuard) with a Qnap NAS, where the Roon server is installed, with local music and Tidal. As audio output I want to use an Astell & Kern player, and both the player and an Android mobile are connected by Wi-Fi to that 4G router, in the same range. The problem is that although the mobile recognizes the Roon server and establishes a connection, it is not able to connect to the AK player as an audio output. Everything works perfectly if I reproduce all these configurations in the local network, connecting through the home router.
I appreciate your help, if I can’t solve it I won’t be able to use Roon…
Thank you very much and sorry for the use of Google translate

Have you tried to find a solution in one of the existing threads about VPN and WireGuard?

Thanks for your answer. I have searched, but I have only seen solutions to connect to Roon via VPN remotely… But there is no mention of setting the audio output to a player from the smartphone…
Thank you very much

You are probably better off, posting questions in one of the existing VPN threads where users using WireGuard are subscribed too then posting here in the hope that an experienced VPN user may step-in.

Yes, since using Roon over a VPN is not a supported or endorsed option, you should be posting and asking these questions in the Tinkering thread. That is also where those who have setup and used Roon with a VPN would be watching and might be able to answer your question.

So, I am moving this thread to that section.

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