Keep iTunes in sync with Roon library?

Maybe someone else has got a solution to this… so I keep my library in FLAC, for use with Roon while at home… but I also want to sync it with iTunes (ie AAC) so I can use it on the move. I have, so far, been ripping things to FLAC and copying them into my “FLAC” library, and converting them into AAC, and importing them into iTunes. Which is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone know if software that will automate this process? Figured this was the right group of people to ask!

Rip to Apple Lossless instead of FLAC. iTunes will recognize ALAC and so will Roon.

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Usually synching folders is a trivial task even if you have to switch containers FLAC to ALAC, the problem is iTunes/Music renames files if the “Keep Music Media folder organized” option is on. that alone makes keeping things in sync a pain.

You could, script XLD app to pick up new files from your FLAC library by creating a change notification on a folder, transcode them and drop them in the “Automatically Add to Music” folder in your iTunes/music library. They will either get whisked away to your library or placed into a Not Added folder.

This way you can keep iTunes/Music in sync with your Roon library. Somewhat automated.