Keep Toslink signal "alive" for longer

I’m running dietPi on my Raspberry Pi 3 + Justboom Digi Hat connected to my active speakers. Im using Roon and everything works great. However, my speakers are “signal sensing” and they will go into standby as soon as no signal is received, i.e. when a song is paused.

Is there a way to have the Pi send a signal via Toslink for a certain time period? My Sonos Connect boxes seem to constantly send a signal over Toslink.

Even my old Meridian M30 speakers waited a few mins before going into standby. That seems a poor design to me. Is this adjustable in the speaker somehow?
Just an observation. Good luck.

What make and model are the speakers?

Yeah, that might be the easier path. They are BeoLab 20s so I’ll check with B&O if it can be adjusted somehow.