Keeping a constant level volume [Answered]

This may be a question that’s answered here somewhere but what’s the best way to control the volume and keep it at a constant level?


I’m not sure if you mean fixed volume (0dB attenuation) or volume levelling (across albums), but both of these topics are documented in the Roon Knowledge Base search for ‘volume levelling’ or ‘fixed volume’ respectively.

Have a read and come back to us if you have further questions.

Use “volume leveling” in Roon to get a constant volume level and then control volume on your amp.

Thanks, but where do I find “volume leveling”?

I did a search for “volume leveling” in the Roon guide and found where it is. I put it on “Album” instead of “off.” Is that the best setting in your opinion? Thanks.

I had Roon on “volume leveling” but didn’t like the sound as much. Went back to “off”. Guess the only way is to self level on each album.